Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hope everyone had a super fun Halloween!
This week I had to make up a new word in Spanish. Its a word us güeros had talked about in the ccm but i had to share it with my companion and a couple others. 
Festar-to party 
yo fiesto
tu fiestas
ud fiesta
nosotros festamos
uds fiestan 
I had to explain the meaning of ¨to party¨ to my companion and she just thought this was the funniest thing ever. But why dont they have this word, its necessary!! example ¨we´re going to party tomorrow because its DIA DE LOS MUERTOS¨

Anyway. this week was great! lots of exciting things!
first, last Monday night, we were walking home and we were going down this hill and we heard this terrible screeching from a cat. So we walked to the side of the road and looked down (there was like a 10 foot drop to the ground) and saw these two dogs tearing apart this cat!!! it was terrible! so my comp went to grab a rock to throw it at the dogs but by the time we got back, the cat was laying there dead and the dogs had left. IT WAS THE WORST THING I'VE EVER WITNESSED. Everyone knows how much i love cats, and i watched two dogs murder this cute little cat and then they just left it there! 

I also ate a ton of weird things/things i don't like AND I SURVIVED

1. Shrimp. But like... with the heads and stuff. Id never seen the heads and little whisker mustaches of shrimp before. That wasn't fun. 

2.Fish heads. That was nasty. But again, i survived. They were huge too. 

3. PIG INTESTINE and at the time, i had no idea what i was eating. It was super hard to chew and lumpy and gross and my comp was laughing the whole time while i was eating it (she didn't have to eat it, just me) and then later she told me. didn't feel too well that night. 

But its okay because president and Hermana Greer came to our house for interviews on Thursday and Hermana Greer made us these cookie brownie m&m things and they were magical and sooooo goood. made up for it all. 

Also this family has a cat named Shakira and she had kittens and i got to play with kittens!! so cute!!

We got four new investigators this week. I felt so much better during our lessons! Its getting easier and easier to teach. Yesterday after church we taught this couple, epidia and lucino and they had this giant altar for dia de los muertos and it was actually pretty sick. Its covered in flowers, candles, pictures, pan de muerto, tamales, fruits and lots of cerveza too. But anyways, other than the altars, i didn't see any other celebrations. they're all in the cemetaries, they accepted baptismal dates and seem super interested in the gospel. They had lots of questions, which is always good. They really were miracle investigators though. No one ever lets us teach them on Sunday, let alone accept our message. Miracles come through fasting! We had just finished our fast when we found them!

My comp is currently in Xalapa for leader conference thing so I'm gonna be with a member named Grecia tonight and tomorrow and i'm super scared because I don't have my comp to help me teach!! but Grecia is awesome, shes a recent convert and shell be able to help a lot. But yeah, scary! 

This week I read a talk by elder Bednar that i think i mentioned already in an email earlier. Its called the Character of Christ and its a super good talk! I always cry when i watch/read it. I don't have time to say much but everyone go and read it!! 

Love you all! 
Hermana DeGraw

El Tajin.  They are such cool pyramids!

Hermana Perez and Jorge the burro.

 Shout out to my CCM missionaries

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