Monday, November 30, 2015

Okay so sorry I'm gonna be rushing this email. 

My comp is hermana Martinez, shes from Honduras and this is her last transfer so i will be killing her off. SHES FREAKING AWESOME i love her. The first day or so she was super serious and i was kind of terrified and i thought this would be the longest transfer ever but then half way through the second day she showed me how crazy she is. shes hilarious and real fun and i'm sad i only have one transfer with her. 

Last week we ran out of water and had to bring in water from the well every two seconds to shower, flush the toilet, wash our hands wash the dishes and like everything. Not having running water sucks. 

okay but back to my comp. Shes taught me a lot already. We contacted a ton of people and it was actually way fun. She showed me that getting references is actually really easy and lessons with her are... i don't know.. much easier for me. I felt way more laid back this week. not in a lazy way, but in a more comfortable way. Now that I'm the missionary that everyone knows, its much easier for me to talk to people. And hna Martinez is really good with connecting with people so yeah! i'm feeling good! I also felt way more comfortable with my spanish this week. 

haha okay so everyone here on the street yells HOLA GUERITA or something like that when they see me and its kind of annoying but hermana Martinez taught me something funny. when they yell HOLA GUERA I'm supposed to go [guera? donde?[ and look around and then they get all confused. Its actually really funny when i do it. 

So this week we were meeting with a guy named luis ( i dont know if i already mentioned him) hes a brother/son of member and we invited him to be baptized but he was hesitating because he doesnt want to get baptized and then mess up. he has lots of problems with the word of wisdom so hes worried about that. but thats the great thing about the gospel. Heavenly Father knows that were gonna mess up and were gonna mess up again and then again and again. Thats why He sent His Son to atone for our sins. The atonement is infinite and eternal and no matter how many mistakes we make, if we repent, we will be forgiven. Yes baptism is a big deal, and he needs to prepare himself to make this sacred covenant and be willing to obey the commandments for the rest of his life but if he makes a mistake, thats okay! We can always repent! 

But yay Valente is getting baptized this saturday! im way excited for him!!!!! 

Love you all!!!!! have a good week! yay for Christmas time! 
-Hermana DeGraw

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