Monday, November 9, 2015

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Que transita por sus venas??? 

Well this week was a party. Monday night, Hermana Perez left for Xalapa so it was just me and good old Grecia left to roam around the streets of Papantla. It was really good! We met with Alejandro who said he was reading and praying and receiving answers to his prayers!!! We taught him about the Priesthood and it went really well. Turns out, I can actually teach a lesson without my mama. But obviously, I don't do as good of a job. haha I asked if he had any doubts about what we were teaching and he says ¨so... can I still get married if i have the priesthood?¨ hahahaha yes, you can definitely still get married. I guess I'm not that great of a teacher. But yeah, Tuesday was just me and Grecia again and it went really well. I didn't get lost or anything!

Wednesday we did divisiones and so I went to a place called Gutierrez Zamora with Hermana Paez. Zamora is right on a river which is really pretty but also there are A TRILLION MOSQUITOS. I seriously got demolished by mosquitoes this week. I tried to count them on my legs but it was impossible. I had at least 150. 

I GOT YOUR PACKAGE DAD! Thanks!!! It was the best! Lots of candy. I really am gonna get fat here. Don't make fun of me. 

Also Hermana Perez brought back some turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes from Xalapa. (hna Greer made them a thanksgiving dinner) But yeah I ate those leftovers and it made me soooooo happy. Why can't people celebrate thanksgiving in mexico too just for fun?

Okay so more about Alejandro. Hes been struggling with the word of wisdom and its always so sad when he slips up and then we have to postpone his baptism. Also his schedule for work changed and he was supposed to work all day on Sundays. So it just seemed like he would never be baptized and we were really sad. But yesterday he called us and said his boss gave him the day off (his boss happens to be a member) and he said also that he wanted to be baptized today! or.. yesterday! So we double checked everything with our leaders and everything was great and YEAH! ALEJANDRO WAS BAPTIZED! It was such a beautiful baptism. ahhh I"M SO HAPPY! It really was the greatest day. 

So yeah, things are good down here in Mexico. Every day when we wake up, its to roosters doing that sound they make. I forget what that"s called. But sometimes (like today) we get to wake up to a really terrible sounding trumpet followed by the rest of the band playing in the field by our house. It really is the worst sounding band ever. I think they're in middle school. But really, its hilarious how bad it sounds. BUT I LOVE IT!

Hope everyone has a great week! READ THE SCRIPTURES. PRAY. SHARE THE GOSPEL. 

-Hermana DeGraw 

 Hermana Perez in the rain.  We had to walk on the curb to avoid the rivers on the street.
Alejandro's baptism.  A great day!!

The Zone leaders sang at Alejandro's baptism and it was really beautiful.

Hermana Perez and I drinking the root beer that dad sent me.  Thanks Pops!

Mosquito bites.  Will my legs ever be the same???

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