Sunday, November 29, 2015


CAMBIOS!!!! So I will be staying here in Papantla and Hna Perez after being here for 10 months is heading off to Poza Rica which is only 20 minutes away lol. Im nervous to meet my new comp but it'll be exciting!!
Sorry this email is gonna be pretty short because my mind is kind of blanking. 
We met with Carmen and Florentino this week and it was sad because Carmen just had a whole ton of problems with how we hold our church meetings and she thinks we worship images and Joseph Smith and she wouldn't listen to any of the explanations and answers we had. It was so sad! We ended up just bearing our testimonies of the restoration and told her that all she needs to do to resolve her doubts is to pray and ask God if the church is true. Hna perez and i were both crying a lot while we told her all of this. I really did feel the Spirit working through us both as we testified of these things but unfortunately, investigators aren't gonna feel any of that if they don't want to. 

We taught Karla this week and she told us that she was really sick this week and she went to the doctor to do some tests and stuff and they thought she had cancer but she hadn't gotten the results yet. We taught her about the priesthood and how she can get a priesthood blessing. We were in the church building so luckily we had some priesthood holders on hand and so the Elders came in and gave her a blessing. It was really a sweet experience. She talked about how much faith she has and how no matter what happens, she knows everything will be okay. But when she went back to the doctor later in the week, everything came back okay for the most part. She doesn't have cancer! 

But really, we are so blessed to have the power of the priesthood here on the earth! It truly is the power of God, the same power that was used to create the earth, the same power Christ used to do all those miracles and heal so many people. It was restored again on the earth through Joseph Smith and miracles still happen today through this sacred power according to our FAITH.  
All you Priesthood holders, be worthy of the power you hold. Remember how sacred it is. You never know when you might need to bless someone in need so always be ready and worthy. 

The Church is true! The Book of Mormon is true! If you don't know these things for yourself, go to church, read the scriptures, and pray for an answer! 


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