Tuesday, October 27, 2015

First Baptism!!

 WOOHOOOOOOO. First baptism was yesterday with good old Jonathan. It was so awesome! Alejandro was supposed to be baptized yesterday too but he decided he wanted to wait an extra week because he wasn't feeling too sure yet. But he went to Jonathans baptism and then afterwards we asked how he felt and he said he was ready to be baptized this next sunday woohooo!!

Yeah this week was really really really hot. and humid. Im constantly drenched in sweat. everywhere. Its sort of terrible hahaha. and my legs are so sore all the time because there are seriously SO MANY HILLS AND STAIRS. sooooo many. We´ve been really struggling to reach our goals this week. We only have one new investigator, Olivia. She has a fecha but yesterday we stopped by to get her to go to church and she said she would. and then we went by again right before church to pick her up and she wasn't there. I don't know.. she always bails on us so i don't know if shes really escogido or not. Also no one here is married and that makes the whole baptism thing a lot harder. 

Valente didn't go to church again because he has chikungunya. Everyone has chikungunya which is a virus or something from mosquitoes. I'm actually really afraid of getting it. Your whole body itches and your bones ache and you have a fever and headache and it sounds pretty miserable. Hermana Blackham, the other güera in the zone said shes gotten it twice already. or maybe just once. I don't know. 

But yeah, spanish is hard. I'm trying to talk more but you know... its a little difficult. haha even when i do talk in lessons, our investigators cant even understand me half the time. so sad. 
Okay funny story so I kept hearing this sheep all the time go ¨baaaaa¨ and i was really confused because i never see any sheep. then i finally found out where it was coming from. Its not a sheep! its this guy who walks down the street selling bread and hes actually saying ¨paaaan¨ (bread) and no joke he sounds exactly like a sheep its hilarious. my comp agrees. oh man. He was walking behind us last night for quite a ways and it took everything in me not to laugh at him. 
Well... I don't have any more time even though i want to write more. 

I'm feeling good right now. thanks for all the emails! love you all!!!!! 

-Hermana DeGraw

Steep stairs are going to be the death of me.         Jonathan with me and Hna Perez

My boyfriend Jorge the burro.  I see him everyday!

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