Monday, October 19, 2015

Going to Xalapa!

Alright then. The past couple of days have been looooccooooo! Saying goodbye to my district pretty much the worst thing ever but its aight. Monday morning, our bus left at 4:30 am and by the time i got to xalapa it was like 11. I sat next to this really really nice guy named Marcos on the bus and elder Skinner (one of my friends from the ccm) and I talked to him the whole bus ride and then when we were leaving I gave him a passalong card and then he tried to kiss my cheek and it was really awkward and i had no idea what to do so that was interesting. 
We spent the whole day at President and Hermana Greers house which was super fly. Xalapa is seriously the cutest city. I would totally live there. Anyway in the night we had a testimony meeting and President called each of us newbies up one by one and then after we shared our testimony he told us who are companion is. It was really awesome. President is so funny too, he cracks us all up all the time. and he lived in Oceanside for kind of a long time so that's cool! 

Well my comps name is Hermana Perez shes really nice, shes been out for 9 months and she speaks absolutely no english. I was the only american girl last night and it was a little scary but i guess i should get used to that. there are only two other gringas in the whole mission. 

This morning we left for papantla! My area is called xanath but i promise, however you try to say that, its not gonna be right. i think its someting like shiana. anyway its freaking hot here and sooooo humid. and i just walked up THE STEEPEST HILL ive ever encountered in my life. but its sooooo pretty here despite all the hills. 
well um i should probs wrap this up because were going to meet with an investigator in a couple of minutes and im going to pee my pants because i dont know what im doing. but hey my life is good. reaaaaal good. 

Love you all!! 
-Hermana DeGraw

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