Thursday, September 24, 2015


OKAY Things over here at the CCM are still awesome but not much different. OH shoutout to the best parents ever for sending KRISPY KREME AND CHOCOLATE MILK #praise. Its kind of a big joke in our district that no one loves us because we go to servicio postal to check our mail box and there has never been anything for anyone. But all the other districts get like boat loads of letters every day and packages all the time. So yesterday was amazing WE FINALLY GOT SOME LOVE. Elder Graham also got a package so yesterday was pretty exciting. uuuummmmm what else happened..... OH i got elder allred to eat a rollie pollie in exchange for a snickers. That was pretty funny. It took a lot of yelling and hermana shumway was not happy that he ate a bug but it was great. Then the day after i ate an ant kind of on purpose and kind of on accident and IT BIT MY TONGUE. I didn't know ants could bite/pinch. not cool. 

So don't be fooled. Even though were an intermediate group or whatever, we kind of slack off because of it and its really bad. So were trying to be a lot better because our spanish is not where it should be and were being tested on Monday to go into the latino districts and now all of us are terrified because we haven't been practicing as much as we should be. sometimes i feel like were not actually learning too much spanish here, we{re just forgetting all our english. But that's not actually true, our spanish is improving too. Just at a slower rate. 

Last Saturday we had our first TRC and i have no idea what that stands for but basically we got to meet with two members and give them a little message and it was awesome!! we talked about the Book of Mormon. One of the ladies, Pilar, was really hard to understand and she talked a lot but basically we just tried to focus on the spirit and we were able to know what direction to go in while talking with her just by following little promptings. It was cool. And she said something i really liked. something like "the Book of Mormon is our map to guide us to Christ" READ THE BOOK OF MORMON EVERY DAY. Our other lessons with our ¨"investigators" are going pretty well. Some days we have a terrible lesson and other times we have AMAZING ones. It all just depends. were learning how to plan better as a companionship, and that's making them go a lot smoother. 

hmm what else should i sayyy. wanna hear about a regular day at the CCM? alright here we go. 
wake up at 630, breakfast at 7, personal study at 730, class from 830 to 12 (we teach investigator during that too) then lunch, gym, tall (computer lab), more studying, more planning, dinner at 530 then classes from 630 to 930 (which are soooo hard) and bed at 1030. That was really exciting i know. some days we have devotionals or other things but that's the general horario. 

The reason we didn't have pday yesterday was because we had to go to the migration building to do some paperwork today, so we had to move our pday to today. just for this week. After we were done with all the papers we went outside and there were CHURROS and TACOS but the guy who was with us wouldn't let us get them!!!!! he kept stopping us before we got to the vendors. SADDDDDD I REALLY WANTED A CHURRROOOOOO. They wont let us eat street food because well get sick. I honestly don't care if i have diarrhea until Easter I JUST WANT A CHURRO AND SOME TACOS. that's okay ill get over it. OH but on the bus ride back, our driver basically gave us a tour of mexico city. it was sooo cool. I got some pretty solid pics. luckily my camera has a sweet zoom so the pics are pretty decent even from the bus. The area around the CCM is kind of a shady area and i just thought that was how the whole city was and i still loved it but then when we got into the city city, it is surprisingly really clean. 

So we watched a devo by Elder Bednar a couple of weeks ago about turning out instead of in. I've been thinking about that a lot this week. Its really easy to feel sorry for yourself sometimes but Christ never did that. He always turned out to others and worried about them instead of himself. That also makes me think of this video we watched about having the gift of tongues. There's this scripture 1 corinthians 13:1 i think about how we need to have charity when we speak with others or else our words will just be noise. "No one cares what you know until they know that you care." -i have no idea who said that. HAVE CHARITY. TURN OUT. and occasionally turn up. 

Hermana DeGraw 

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