Wednesday, September 9, 2015

This week has been AWESOME!

This week has been AWESOME. and just to let you know this keyboard sucks so sorry in advance. the space bar barely works. OKAY so yeah I really really love the CCM. My companions name is Hermana Shumway. Shes from Phoenix Arizona. Also she knows Hannah Smith so that was cool. Anyway, our district is so cool i love them all. Theres only 7 of us. A trio of elders (elder Liddiard, Allred, and Graham) and then one other companionship of elders (Elder Hall and Hanna). were all really close and also really sassy (especially elder Liddiard. some times a little too sassy). its great. also we have arguments about a lot of stupid things so mom, if you wanna google a couple of things for me.. that{d be cool. (1. are daddy long legs venomous? 2. is El Paso Texas the safest city in america? 3. if you wanna send a picture of heath ledger and Joseph Gordon Levitt look alike that would be great.)  so were the intermediate group in the ccm and its been really cool. because of that our teacher doesn't speak any english with us at all. since day one. So our spanish has been improving way fast. 

we taught our first investigator on our second full day here. his names Carlos. The first few lessons with him were alright but our last one was awesome. We taught him about the restoration and he had a ton of questions and we were able to answer them all and then i asked him to be baptized and he said YES. And even though hes not a real investigator its still been a super cool experience. But for real, its pretty amazing that i can understand everyone"s spanish like.. almost perfectly. #blessed. The Lord really has helped with that so much. I{ve only been here a week and i can communicate with all the natives and everyone pretty well. its still kind of scary but also fun! our district is doing a language fast tomorrow so podemos hablar en espaƱol solamente!! that will be interesting... its probably gonna suck but that"s okay,it will help us a lot! 

The food here is good i think. my companion hates it but whatever... I can eat beans and rice and corn tortillas every meal if i want to.and lets be honest, what else do you need? There"s also watermelon every meal. PRAISE. AAAAND we got costco pizza yesterday. it was amazing. 

Um...what else. on Sunday it was fast and testimony meeting and our whole district bore our testimonies. in spanish! without a piece of paper!  i was so proud of us! but that was just a super cool meeting because it was just a bunch of missionaries bearing really simple testimonies in spanish and we all probably sounded dumb but that's okay. 

We also watched a devotional that night that Elder Richard G Scott gave about prayer. Prayer is a sacred privilege that we have to communicate with our Heavenly Father so we should never rush our prayers. God loves us, he wants us to succeed, and he will help us if we ask. When you're a missionary, you pray like crazy and its really awesome. By ourselves, with our companion, with out district, in our meetings, before and after every study session we have. Its awesome. I have been called by God to be a missionary and if i work hard, and I'm obedient,and rely on the Lord, i will not fail. 

Some funny things that happened this week. We were all eating in the comedor and elder Allred brought up Shia LaBeouf (i have no idea how to spell that) except he said it like sheea laboof and all of us just died. it was so funny. he had never heard anyway say his name before. hed only read it so he had no idea how to say it.  and like.. other missionaries at the tables around us heard it and started laughing too. i don"t even know why he brought him up because it took us a good 2 minutes to stop laughing about it. 
Also a joke we heard ¿como esta frijole? translation: how have you bean? it doesn"t even make sense but i cried when i heard it. The thing is..  we don't get too much sleep here at the CCM so when someone says something funny to me, i laugh for like 2 minutes every time and sometimes start crying. Its a problem. Okay also the weirdest thing happened during personal study this morning in our classroom. we were all talking about some scripture story and then all of the sudden the clock just fell off the wall and shattered on the floor. It was on a brick wall... like.. what the heck how does that happen? nothing touched the clock. so yeah.. that was strange. I've been having so much fun here though!! and our schedule is so tight that there's no time to even miss home. that will probably change soon but whatever.. ill deal. 

So there are two elders here that are going to Xalapa with me. And they came here the same day. Elder Skinner and Elder Austin. They're hilarious so that will be fun. Its making me feel a lot better to leave the CCM because right now i"m actually a little afraid to get out in the field. and i'm probably gonna have a little break down when i have to say goodbye to my district. 

Also just a side note, mexico city is super loud.. probably like any big city. but its just weird because were stuck in the ccm so we forget where we are and then at night we try to go to bed and there's a ton of cars honking and sirens and dogs barking and fireworks every night. its actually pretty fun. 

Well sorry this email is so scattery. Writing is stressful. And I already hate it to begin with so lo siento.
Thanks for all the emails. I love you all!!! 

<3 Hermana DeGraw

P.S. Everyone who is currently struggling to know if they should go on a mission... i say DO IT. its amazing. okay thats all bye

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  1. Hi Hermana DeGraw, I love your blog... makes me want to serve a mission again!

    I'm on a bit of a mission of my own at the moment. I am trying to get in touch with your mission office but the number keeps ringing out. Do you have an email address for your mission office I could contact?! :/